Design, Landscape and Environmental Restoration

Undergraduate students of Civil Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Madrid have reflected upon different European cities through the lenses of landscape. The module, Design, Landscape and Environmental Restoration, taught by Jorge Bernabeu and Patricia Hernández has allowed students to focus on several cities characterised by rivers. The students have analysed different features alongside the rivers and created through civil Engineering subsequently locating them all in different maps. They have also paid attention to all those elements of Cultural Heritage, or that potentially can be so, located alongside the rivers under scrutiny. These elements have similarly been spatially located. All the urban case studies mapped were exhibited in the hall of the School of Civil Engineering. Additionally, the students have worked together and collected all the data from the different cities and created a database with all the sites located. This database has been quite useful to present in an easy manner the relevance of civil engineering in constructing landscape and the identity of the cities analysed.

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